Teaching Methods


Fred Astaire Dance Studios has one of the most efficient dance lesson techniques in the world. We focus on several aspects of dance such as footwork, patterns, partnership, confidence, animation and timing & rhythm.

To learn these qualities quickly, we have created a unique method of instruction called the Conceptual Method of Teaching. You’ll soon find out how this method will make dancing fun, enjoyable, easy and faster to learn. We offer scheduled private instructions, group lessons and practice parties, as well as social events and studio outings.

Private Lessons
Fred Astaire Dance Studios has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of becoming confident social dancers. We offer private dance instructions with one or more key teachers. Private dance lessons are tailored to the goals and learning pace of the student. In a Private dance lesson, the student gets the specialized and personalized attention necessary to look and feel great on the dance floor, while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner.

Group Lessons
Group lessons are important because they will introduce you to patterns, technique, and style that you will fine tune in your private lessons. More importantly, group lessons provide every student with the opportunity to meet other students with similar dancing goals and to see that all students share similar challenges in the learning process. Check out our group class calendar.

Practice Parties
Practice parties complete the Three Tiered System along with your private and group lessons. Learning is one thing, but actively dancing in a social setting with different people is quite another. Practice parties provide an ideal atmosphere in which to apply your new skills among teachers and other students. Practice parties are held weekly on Thursday nights at 8:00pm for current students and their guests. Music and refreshments abound, and a good time is had by all! See our monthly calendar for the schedule.

Social Events
Fred Astaire Dance Studios are always bustling with event and activities. These social events take the practice party experience a step further and allow you to take your dancing shoes out on the town. Check out our upcoming events.

Our students have exclusive access to participate in our competition programs. Opportunities include mini-matches at the local level, regional competitions, and national events held in premier destinations, such as Las Vegas, Chicago, or Puerto Rico. Participating in competitions will take your dancing to the next level by pushing you to progress rapidly and earn recognition for your hard work.

Showcases are designed for students who find performance dancing exciting. Special choreography is incorporated in solo or group routines to suit each student’s ability and interest. Performance events take place in theaters such as the Hobby Center and give the student a full theatrical experience, including costumes, makeup, lighting, and of course, the stage.