Gentlemen, we know you have good intentions, and that’s what really matters most.

But don’t you want to see that special spark in her eyes when she opens your gift? That warm sense of self-satisfaction of you feel when you’ve absolutely nailed it?

When she jumps out of her seat, excitedly showing others your fabulous gift, and every guy in the room groans because they weren’t smart like you and instead bought any number of the below-mentioned items.

All while you bask in your brilliance as she gives you a big kiss and smiles flirtatiously.

Yet, you can easily fall into a trap of convenience. A trap where she opens the wrapping and stares at it for a half second before saying, “oh… it’s cute”.

Don’t be the ‘oh it’s cute’ guy.

Be the smart guy who gets kisses, flirtatious smiles, and a whole lot more for the foreseeable future.

Warning: There will be shameless plugs for ballroom dancing lessons throughout this article

The Number 1 Gift Category to Avoid:

Ugly – Undergarment – Bathroom Supplies

AVOID – Think of that fluffy pink bathrobe in the department store with the gift wrapping display and matching slippers. The store thinks it’s an excellent gift, but is it? Is it really? We place this in the decidedly Unsexy category. The ugly sweaters rack? Those’ll be on clearance in a week, same with the fluffy pink socks, and don’t even think about getting her a toothbrush or underwear. There are so many ways to go wrong there, and we absolutely do not recommend it.

INSTEAD – Dance Lessons. Because she gets the chance to wear clothes that aren’t ugly, in socks that she likes, having brushed her teeth with the toothbrush she already had. Not to mention the opportunity to act on those flirtatious smiles you got when she unwrapped her gift.

The Number 2 Gift Category to Avoid:

Smelly Stuff

AVOID – Lotions. Bath Gels. Soaps. Body Sprays. Perfume. Bath Salts. Candles.

Every nose likes different scents, and she might flat out hate the stuff that comes in that quick and easy pre-packaged gift basket from the mall kiosk. Heck, what if she wears it just to remind you of how bad a gift idea it was? Ew, unsexy.

INSTEAD – Learn to dance with her. We guarantee you’ll both be a little stinky when you start a regular dancing habit, but at least you’ll be holding on to each other, probably laughing hysterically as you figure out how not to step on the other person’s feet. Definitely landing us in the sexy category.

The Number 3 Gift Category to Avoid:

Holiday Themed Merchandise

AVOID – We’ve all seen the piles of snowman and decorated-tree embroidered hand towels. Or mugs with swirly red and green letters: “Happy Holidays!” She’ll feel tacky drinking from it ten months out of the year and eventually it will be pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten, or re-gifted.

Probably to you.

Same thing with Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas jewelry. You probably wouldn’t want a holiday-themed tie, would you? Not what you’d call a sexy gift choice. Neither are nick-knacks emblazoned with holly and brightly wrapped packages. Unsexy, to be sure.

INSTEAD – Just go dance. Instead of something that is only semi-decent to be used for a month out of the year, max, get her something she can love all year long. Something you can share, not only during the holiday season, but for the rest of your lives.

The Number 4 Gift Category to Avoid:

Well-Intentioned Supportive Gifts

AVOID – Never (and we mean ever) get her a gym membership, a subscription to a weight loss or dieting system, or a scale so she can “see her progress”. These gifts are very thoughtful, very kindly given, with honest and positive intentions, but they lead down a very dangerous path of potential perceived failure and disappointment.

INSTEAD – Learn to dance together. Exercising most often becomes a consistent habit that can bring results when it is fun and exciting. What better way for anyone to become healthier than to spend a few hours a week moving to good music? Plus, you get to do it as a couple, which is a much more supportive scenario overall. Totally sexy.

The Number 5 Gift Category to avoid

No Thought Gifts

AVOID – Don’t get her something that basically screams, “I picked the first things my hands touched!”. Taking the easy way out can come in many forms, and everyone has items that could be listed under this category which have personal significance to them. But for the most part, steer clear of things like calendars, hot pads, storage tins, door mats, car air-fresheners, or pre-packaged gift baskets. These are very unsexy gifts and will never make her glow with excitement and rush across the room into your waiting arms.

INSTEAD – Dance with her. There’s no escaping the message behind this gift. It says it all: “I thought of what you would want”, “I want to spend time with you”, “I value our relationship”, “I want to hold you in my arms”. Talk about getting her everything she wants all in one! You know you want to tell her all of these things, but just saying it can be awkward and other gits don’t communicate it like taking her out dancing.

Final Thought

Gentlemen, be brilliant with your gift choice this year, and get the two of you dancing lessons to share. It’ll be a way to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, laugh in one another’s arms, and make her fall in love with you all over again.

Be smart. Avoid unsexy gifts. Get dance lessons.