Dear Fred Astaire Family,
Many of you helped me to bring the Brownsville students to the San Luis Hotel last year to compete at Texarama. Your support made their dream of dancing come true. This year we have a treat in store for you...
 That will now be held at
 Fred Astaire Dance Studio-The Woodlands Studio 
Thursday August 1, 2013 
To meet the dedicated Brownsville kids!!! Mingle with them and other studios with a night of dancing, food and drinks! There will also be a Pro am amateur and professional show you can't miss!!!! 
This will be an opportunity for you to see the passion and excitement these kids have for dancing. It will be a fun night and you will be helping to make their dream of dancing come true!
In case you are new to the Fred Astaire family, I have been developing and supporting a Ballroom School Program for 7 years in Brownsville, Texas. This program allows children from low income families to do what we all love so much, DANCE. We started the program with 2 campuses and 40 students. Today, we have the entire Brownsville Independent School District with 46 campuses and over 1000 kids of all ages dancing; elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Students are only allowed in the Ballroom Program as long as they have passing grades and are doing good in school, so you can imagine how important this fine arts program is. Every year a big ballroom competition is held in the Brownsville City Hall. This event is televised, broadcast by local radio stations, and attended by hundreds of spectators.
THANK YOU TO ALL who have sponsored or made donations thus far. In supporting and helping me to make the kids dreams come true! Our goal is to bring as many as 100 kids to compete again at Texarama Team Match Competition, in Galveston, Texas on Friday September 13, 2013.
Your Donations and sponsorship's will also help pay for lodging, food, costumes and shoes to compete in the 2013 Texarama. They will also have the opportunity to stay and watch the pros. This will be the best audience our staff will ever have! It will pack the ballroom and I know the students will love it.
Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in helping these young people. It would be a dream come true for those kids to dance amongst you, and without our support it would be impossible for them, due to lack of funds. So, I am asking you to open your heart to those kids, help them to enjoy, even just for a night, what you cherish so much. You may open a door for some future dancers and dance professionals, and looking back, it will be priceless to know you made a difference.
Thank you for your consideration.
Always Dancingly Yours,
Stephanie Schlueter
Owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio


To Sponsor or Donate please see the sponsorship brochure: 

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