All beginner students start their lessons with a basic program designed for the novice dancer. We introduce you to basic elements of popular social dances according to your individual learning rate, style, interests, and goals.

Social Foundation

The Social Foundation Level is individually tailored to help you become comfortable with the basics of dancing in social situations. You will be introduced to simple step patterns in each of your chosen dances, leading and following techniques, and musical timing.


The Bronze level will introduce you to the techniques that give each dance its distinct style. You will learn new step patterns and have even more fun dancing as you become more confident and proficient. This level will make you a master social dancer and is the first level at which you can participate in our trophy competitions.


The Silver program polishes all your skills to a higher sheen of style , expression, and versatility. You will stand out on the dance floor not just because of your fancy footwork, but because of the way you carry yourself, your ability to maneuver, and being able to laugh and talk while you dance!


The Gold program is the highest amateur level. Gold dancers cultivate the ability to convey emotion through dance, a near-professional level of poise and style, and thorough knowledge of all the major ballroom dances.

Trophy Levels